3 Reasons To Buy Whole Bean Coffee

If you want better tasting coffee at home, the first and most important detail is buying whole bean coffee! Grinding coffee fresh, just before making a cup will make the biggest difference of your overall coffee experience.
Yes, buying ground coffee is convenient but that comes with a big sacrifice. Quality.

1- Freshness

Most coffee on the shelf was roasted and ground months ago, so the likelihood of it being stale when you buy it is almost guaranteed. Oxygen quickly begins decaying coffee the moment its ground and continues rapidly each minute it isn’t brewed. The natural flavor and aroma begin to deteriorate causing the coffee to taste harsh and bitter. 

After roasting coffee, oxygen takes its toll on both whole and ground coffee. The difference is that once coffee is ground, it’s surface area is much smaller allowing the oxygen to effect the smaller grounds at a much faster rate. Whole bean coffee is much larger, allowing it to retain it’s freshness longer. 

Peak freshness after being roasted is two days to two weeks. If you do decide to buy ground coffee, buying coffee with a roast date within 2 weeks is ideal. An advantage of buying from a small batch specialty coffee company is that the roast date is more likely displayed. Ama Coffee Co. is very transparent displaying the roast date on each bag. 

2- Tailor Your Grind

Buying whole beans and grinding them to perfection gives you coffee freedom! The pre-ground coffee grind is ideal for the convenient drip coffee machine, creating limitations on brew methods. Want to make coffee in a French press or a Moka pot? These two methods require different grind sizes (fine and coarse) if you want a great tasting cup of coffee. 

To break free of any brew limitations, home grinding allows you to grind coffee for each method. 

3-  Adjust Flavor

A huge perk of home grinding is the ability to change the flavor of your coffee! If it’s tasting too bitter or too sour (and the coffee is fresh) you’re in control of making adjustments to the flavor. Adjusting the grind finer or more coarse determines the outcome of flavor. 

Learning about home grinding and playing with coffee flavors can be fun. 

If home grinding is something you aren't quite ready to take on, but want the freshest coffee then we have your back! Buy fine, medium or coarse directly on our website. Every order is guaranteed to be freshly roasted and ground for maximum flavor and aroma.

If you're interested in home grinding then we recommended the Baratza Encore! Known and trusted for it's high quality and accuracy, it’s a burr grinder that is often talked about in the coffee scene. One of the most popular for good reason!

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Ultimately, we just desire the best coffee experience and flavor for you!