3 Reasons why entrepreneurs love coffee

1- Provokes Innovation
Coffee is known to be a social lubricant which is why it’s so popular at business meetings. Bringing people together over coffee stimulates ideas, provokes thought, and gets ideas flowing. Having a reputation for provoking innovation is why it’s the perfect beverage.

2- A way to treat yourself
Many entrepreneurs work early mornings and late nights. Taking a break to grab a cup of coffee is a reflection of self care. Whether it’s going out to grab a cup or brewing a great cup at home, you’re stretching, moving around, and fueling your body with stimulating fluids. Slowing down, to speed up is a saying that has worked time and time again.

3- Connection
Networking and mulling over ideas are what entrepreneurs are made of, and coffee brings it all together. How many times have you organized a meeting or a date around coffee? It’s convenient, almost everyone drinks it, and it builds relationships. Meeting face to face for a coffee is much more appealing than a phone call, text, or email. Human beings love to connect, and coffee does that naturally.

Let coffee continue to guide you, assist you, and more importantly…fuel you.

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