8 Coffee Ingredients for MORE Energy and LESS Stress

Are you ready for this power house list of options to ignite your cup of coffee and day?

Before we jump into it, let’s take a look at some basics... 


Nature’s powerful plant medicines, that’s what they are! These herbs, roots and fungi are known to help your 

body to “adapt” to physical and emotional stress and restore the body to it’s normal physiological function. Essentially, adaptogens clear stress responses that build up from the everyday happenings in life. For thousands of years adaptogens have been used in Eastern Medicine as a daily tonic and are just starting to become buzzwords in our more modern society. Adaptogens aren’t quick fixes to any problem, but when used consistently and with a little patience, they can be extremely valuable for our health. You may feel an enhanced mental performance, the ability to move with ease throughout the day, increased focus, and reduction of stress by protecting the body against a range of daily stressors and more... 


Are adaptogens safe?

Herbs are generally safe but because they are a supplement it is suggested to consult your doctor before adding any of them into your routine. Some herbs can interact with medication and can affect hormone levels. 


How are healthy fats good for your brain?

Your brain is the fattiest organ in your body, made up of a whopping 60% fat and about 25% percent cholesterol. Healthy fats are a slow and sustainable energy source for our noggins, but not all fats are healthy! The ones I list below have been tested and proven to improve cognitive function. With that said, I hope you enjoy them in your coffee and do some of your own research as well! 


How many people are drinking coffee these days anyway?

Well, about 2.25 Billion cups are drunk worldwide every day. Why? Many say: They crave support with productivity. We want to do more, perform better and increase our efficiency throughout the day. 

Do you have a lifestyle that may benefit from adaptogens and more healthy fats?

-Busy student that needs more brain power -Need more focus for projects or deadlines

-Long days & hours in a high stress work environment -Sex drive is low due to excess of stress/fatigue

-Athlete that needs more stamina and faster recovery -Not consuming enough nutrient dense food

-Need help winding down after a long day -Mental fog or sluggish feeling

-Reaching for tons of coffee through the day fighting fatigue -Mood fluctuations 


1- Reishi Mushroom - Known as “The Queen of Mushrooms”, Reishi  is a functional mushroom. Considered so holy and reverend, it was once only reserved to only be used by Kings, Queens and Emperors. Helping us to cope with occasional stress and less than desired sleep, reishi ensures our bodies are able to unwind coming to the tail end of the day. If you’re enjoying an afternoon or evening cup of joe this is the perfect addition. Click here for the reishi elixir.


2- Cordyceps Mushroom - May support intense energy, endurance, improve tolerance to high intensity exercise, reduce fatigue, and produce an anti-aging effect. It’s no wonder this mushroom is famous worldwide among the best athletes! This medicinal mushroom has been talked about in Chinese Medical books and Tibetian medicine for a long time and has skyrocketed to the top of health research. Click here for the cordyceps elixir. 


3- Lion’s Mane -This functional mushroom has nothing to do with the mane of a lion. Long and stringy, it’s appearance slightly resembles the king of the jungle and is a powerful nootropic (aka smart drug) with loads of science to back it up. If you want to focus better, increase your creativity, improve cognitive function, and have a greater sense of mental clarity as you perform throughout the day then this humble Traditional Chinese Medicine mushroom might be for you. Science also backs its powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunostimulant properties. The problem is...Lion's Mane doesn’t taste very good on it’s own, or in coffee.                                                                           

The good news is...Four Sigmatic has solved this dilemma by creating delicious packets of elixirs to add to your coffee that will have you coming back for more. Click here for Lion's Mane Elixir 


4- Shilajit- Mainly sourced from the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains and known as a top mineral rich superfood, shilajit contains amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and over 85 minerals in natural ionic form. Basically, it’s incredibly great for you! Fulvic acid is one of it’s main and highly renowned components sought today and viewed as an adaptogen in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a natural stimulant and energizer that may enhance physical stamina, recovery, increase energy and sex drive. 



5- Ashwagandha - A small shrub with huge impacts! Native to India and North Africa, perhaps best known for its ability to help reduce stress hormones., this  ancient medicinal herb has been used for 1,000’s of years.  It has also been known to boost brain function, increase energy, increase memory, improve concentration, lower cortisol levels...and it’s all backed by science! The list really goes on and on. A 60 day study was conducted with 64 people with chronic stress. Those that supplemented with ashwagandha had a 69% reduction in stress and insomnia compared to the 11% in the placebo group. 



6- Maca - Originally from the Andes mountains and known for it’s sweet and nutty flavor it’s pretty versatile on food aside from adding it to your coffee. It also has it’s lineup of healthy benefits; Potentially balancing hormone levels, boosting energy and supporting a healthy libido. Overall, it’s an additional adaptogenic herb to help your body deal with the daily stressors and support a well-balanced life. 




7- MCT - Short for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, your body converts them into ketones which help burn fat, increase your metabolism, curb cravings and power your brain! And no, you don’t have to be following any particular diet to benefit from MCT’s. The science? Ketones suppress ghrelin (that hormone gremlin that makes you hungry) and increases cholecystokinin (the happy hormone that makes you feel full). If you want a fast jolt of energy and increased mental clarity, MCT’s should be on your counter ready to blend first thing.


8- Ghee - Originating in India, ghee is just a fancy name for clarified butter. What is that? When milk solids and water are removed, you’re left behind with the butterfat. Known to provide tons of energy, reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system...these are all just bonuses aside from how creamy and frothy your coffee becomes when they’re blended together. 


We hope these ingredients are as useful and impactful for you as they have been for me. 

The great thing about coffee is that it’s amazing on it’s own… it’s also fun to add some side-kicks!