Mycotoxins (Mold) and Coffee

Coffee is considered a super food, loaded with antioxidants and a long list of health benefits. Countless studies prove that regular coffee consumption lowers the risk of serious disease. Benefits include lowering blood sugar, improving mood, reducing inflammation, increasing metabolism, reducing the risk of alzheimers and dementia, and may even add years to your life. With more benefits than we have space for, coffee can be an incredibly healthy addition to your everyday ritual, as long as there’s no mold hiding in your cup.

Mycotoxins are produced by mold and can be present in rye, oat, barley, chocolate, cheese, peanut butter, beer, wine, and coffee. When crops or facilities are improperly cared for, conditions for mycotoxins become the ideal environment for growth in coffee and can cause serious health issues. Symptoms such as brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, joint pain, fatigue, and more, can present themselves when consumed regularly.

97% of coffee is considered “commercial coffee” which has been sprayed with pesticides, processed improperly and stored carelessly, encouraging mold growth before it reaches your pantry. Commercial coffee is imported, roasted and packed in large facilities sold by big brands. In
this studthey found 45% of commercial coffee brews contained mold. 

Testing for mycotoxins does not mean it will or will not develop mold while being stored. Companies who promote “mold tested coffee” can be a complete waste of money for this reason. Swaping big brand coffee for fresh, high quality coffee that has been processed and stored in controlled environments is necessary for your health. To properly store your coffee to maintain it's quality, place the beans in an airtight container that is cool and dry.

Ama Coffee is organic specialty coffee which is in the top 3% of coffee worldwide, roasted in small batches and delivered within days of being roasted. With training procedures at origin, each batch of coffee is measured and tracked for quality control and kept well under the humidity safe zone to prevent any kind of mold growth. Per contract, the farmers who work with Ama Coffee perform best practices during the washing, fermenting, drying and delivery stages of each batch made. Our safe production methods which restrict fungi are proven to produce intensely better tasting coffees. 
Consume high quality coffee free of any mycotoxins, consume Ama.