Re-Launch News!

Some of you may know by now that Ama Coffee Co. has been undergoing some big and exciting changes! 

Without giving away all the juicy details, we do want to share some exciting announcements and what to expect.

New custom bags and branding.
We have been working diligently with a big team on new custom branding! We teamed up with some of the best in the industry to provide quality from start to finish, and that includes the packaging. Each bag displays detailed information from the date it was freshly roasted to the altitude that it was grown in (higher altitude coffees contain more flavor). We want to know more about our food and where it comes from now more than ever. Why should our coffee be any different? Our labels now give you more information about the coffees you’re drinking.

Three new coffees.
Have no fear, the original two favorites aren’t going anywhere! They both got outstanding reviews and so they will remain in our online store. In addition, we are adding two single origin coffees from Sumatra and Ethiopia as well as a blend (Eclipse Blend) from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Peru. With lots of research about the origins, quality, flavors, and roasts, we are excited for you to try the three new additions.

Our team is growing!
With the demand for Ama Coffee continually growing, so must our team. Introducing Co-Founder, Anthony Minaya! He is beyond excited to be onboard. His energy, charisma, and passion are unmatched. Our collaborative focus is to ensure coffee is not a liability but an enhancement to peoples lives and health.

The Mission.
We will continue to provide high quality specialty coffee that is organic, fair trade and kosher. On top of quality, our mission is to fuel to your passion. Caffeine can either be a crutch or it can used as a boost to get you to perform when you need it most. 

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