5 Dangers of using K-Cups

Keurig, a brewing system that was created in 1998 is now regretted by its own inventor. 

In an article written by CNet titled Keurig own inventor not a fan of K-Cups states:

“The man behind Keurig’s coffee system says K-cups are too expensive, addictive and wasteful”
“A rip-off — not to mention unconscionable landfill fodder”

1- High Price
The price of coffee, and more convenience, comes down to an astounding $50 per pound of coffee or more! Old and stale coffee is being used while a fresh roasted specialty coffee can be purchased for less than half of the cost. 

2- Health Impacts
K-Cups are BPA free. However, when plastic is heated it can be dangerous. These chemicals act like Estrogen and have the potential to throw hormones off course. As hot water flows, chemicals leak out of the container during the brew process. In addition…there are A LOT of additives. With all the flavor options, these include glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, and sodium caseinate.

3- Brew Standards
To have a high quality tasting cup of coffee, there are some standards that have been scientifically proven. 19-23 grams of coffee are generally used at coffee shops, while keurigs deliver only 5-8 grams while the rest are unhealthy additives. The standard water temperature to extract the coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, while keurigs release a temperature of 192 degrees resulting in a weak and under extracted cup.

4- Wasteful 
As many as 9.8 billion non-recyclable plastic pods had been dumped into landfill in one year. That’s enough material to be wrapped around the word 10.5 times. With newer pods being recyclable, the landfill impact has been reduced but older pods are still being dumped having a huge impact on the environment. 

5- Locked In
You’re locked in to the companies system. K-cups are specifically designed to be used in a Keurig machines. 

Recognizing it’s impacts internationally, Hamburg Germany has officially banned all K-Cups from government buildings.

When we have the facts, we make informed choices. Greatness comes with patience. Whether it's ending the day strong or starting the day with a bang, invest time in yourself and create a great cup of coffee. It tastes much better and is healthier for your body and mind. Happy brewing!

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