Coffee and Cents

Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world after water. We like it and we love it even more when it’s fast and convenient, which is why Starbucks is so successful. However, the fast and convenient have a bigger price than just what’s on the menu.

Cost (more than just the cash)
The average loyal Starbucks drinker spends between $1,221 and $1,577 per year. Of course some of their drinks are delicious, but we’re paying more than just cash. When we opt-in for that new, sugary, eye catching drink of the season, it can have upwards of 600 calories! That’s almost an entire meal. With an excess of calories and sugar, it can impact health and weight. On top of empty calories, drinks sold at Starbucks are NOT organic. That means, regularly consuming non-organic coffee grown on pesticide soil can negatively impact your health as well.

Starbucks is incredibly convenient! With locations everywhere, you’re more than likely to run into one while strolling down the street. They’re also available to order on a mobile app, and ready for pickup within minutes. This convenience comes with a hefty price that can add up over time. 

For the smallest size available (called a "short" at Starbucks) you're looking at about $100 per month for a very basic, non-organic cup of coffee (black or with regular cows milk).

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Purchasing Ama Coffee is better for your health, the environment, and your wallet. 

When you purchase Ama Coffee, you can feel good knowing you're consuming a high quality coffee. Organic, Fair Trade, and freshly roasted for about $0.77 per cup! Enjoy lattes? There are many products under $40 on Amazon to steam and froth milk at home. Making lattes and other coffee drinks that contain milk are now easier than ever! With a one-time purchase of a frother you can enjoy a variety of drinks at home, with a milk of your choice, for about $2.25 per cup.

Coffee from home
Having access to great coffee, your way, at home or on the road is the way to go! With a little more preparation, you end of skipping the lines, the traffic, the disposable cups, and you may even fall in love with the ritual of making coffee. Enjoy cold brew? Read our blog here to learn more about the process and how easy it is! Storing cold brew in the refrigerator is great for grab-and-go. 

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It's those small adjustments that make sense and save cents, that influence the future in the right direction. Click here and order Ama Coffee now!

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