Coffee and Pancakes

Who doesn't love coffee and pancakes for breakfast? Even better...healthy pankcakes that are gluten free, low carb, contain tons of protein, only 3 ingredients and take just as much time as making your cup of coffee.

The way we start the day, sets foundation of the day. When we wake up well rested, and fuel our bodies properly, we set ourselves up for success. Too many carbohydrates or sugar for breakfast can cause us to crash early. With proper nutrition accompanied with a cup of coffee, you're eating with intention to energize yourself. You're body and taste buds will thank you!

Coffee Recipe
Our favorite coffee recipe for breakfast: Sumatra Aceh 1:13 ratio.
A medium roasted coffee with lots of body, high caffeine, and tasting notes of chocolate. It pairs perfectly with the pancake recipe below.

Pancake Recipe
2 eggs
1 banana
1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (Optional, but highly recommended)

Blend until creamy, and make like regular pancakes in an oiled pan.
Tip: Use a hand held or countertop blender for best results.

We would love to hear your feed back on this recipe! 
This has become our go to meal in the mornings.  
We hope you enjoy! 

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