Every Moment Matters

When it comes to making coffee, every moment matters. The same with life itself, one decision can change it all. We influence the future with each decision that we make in the present. Respecting each moment and understanding its  importance, brings us more clarity and awareness.

Now let’s bring more clarity and awareness through a great cup of coffee. Over looking one step of this pour over process will determine whether you have a delicious cup or a cup you would rather pour down the drain.

1- Heating the Water. 
The temperature matters.

2- Placing and Rinsing the Filter. 
Thoroughly rinsing the filter and the placement of the filter matters.

3- Grind and Weight. 
The grind and the amount of grams used per cup matters.

4- Bloom the Grounds. 
Waking the coffee up and allowing it to rest for 15-30 seconds matters.

5- Pouring the Water Slowly. 
The rate that the water is poured and the motion used matters.

6- Finish and Enjoy. 
Twirling the finished cup, blending its complexity matters.

In life and when making a cup of coffee,
be present every step of the way.