Fair Trade Coffee

"One key factor that is harming the future of coffee is well within the reach of every coffee drinker – price."

We have all seen Fair Traded items like honey, chocolate, tea, and coffee, but do we actually understand what it means and why it’s important?

When coffee is Fairly Traded, it ensures coffee farmers receive a fair price, while supporting their environment and communities. It also ensures that every step through the supply chain has been audited to meet sustainability and labor standards. Fair trade also prohibits child labor or any physically forced labor.

When farmers receive a fair price for the coffee they produced, they are able to invest in their families health care, education, and improve the quality of the coffee that is harvested every year. 

With each bag of coffee we purchase, we are either supporting farmers and empowering them or denying them a wage they deserve that severely impacts their quality of life.  The fair trade model is structured to empower farming families from poverty through trade, not aid. This model is sustainable and available for us to support through each purchase we make. 

“Fairtrade has definitely helped our community—it has helped us improve our school and water supplies. It has also made a big difference in the price we get for our coffee with the guaranteed payment.”
Workineh Heldaja, member of a Coffee Cooperative in Ethiopia

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