Incredible effects of caffeine on the body

Billions of people rely on caffeine to wake up, focus on important tasks or power through the day. This natural stimulant is one of the most common ingredients in the world, used by 80-90% of people every single day. Caffeine is also naturally found in tea and cacao plants.

First absorbed by the gut, then passing to the blood stream, caffeine ends up taking it’s effects on the brain as early as 20 minutes. Blocking adenosine (a neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain and makes us tired) we are left feeling more energized. 

Caffeine may also increase adrenaline and brain activity promoting a state of arousal, alertness and focus.Through a number of studies, there have been many other benefits discovered for mood and brain function including:

-Improved alertness
-Better short term recall
-Quicker reaction time
-45% lower suicide rates
-13% lower risk of depression 

Studies also found caffeine potentially benefits by increasing metabolism and fat burning:

-300 mg of caffeine daily may burn an extra 79 calories
-May increase metabolism up to 11%
-Fat burning may increase up to 13%
-May increase fat used as fuel
-Possible increase in endurance performance

Caffeine may also:

-Protect against heart disease and diabetes
-Protect the liver
-Increase longevity
-Decrease cancer risk
-Lower risk of MS (multiple sclerosis)
-Prevention gout
-Improve gut health

Per 8-ounce there is an estimated 240-720 mg of caffeine in an espresso and 102-200 mg per 8-ounce cup of coffee.

Consider your daily cup an enjoyable way to promote your health, and always use your best judgement.

Links to reference studies:

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