Infusion vs. Percolation Brews

Immersion vs. Infusion Brews

Fancy words, but simple methods.

Infusion means the coffee and water are steeped together. This method helps to produce a more uniform  and balanced extraction. This method usually results in a bolder coffee profile with greater body. An infusion example is a French Press. Easy to use and duplicate, the french press is a worldwide favorite for many. 

An easier method to learn and more forgiving for beginner home brewers. Gaining confidence is key, so the infusion method is a great start in the world of specialty coffees while experimenting their flavors.

Percolation means that the water passes through the coffee extracting flavor along the way. Allowing gravity to pull the water through the bed of ground coffee and filter it into a vessel. Paper, cloth, or a metal mesh are used in this method. Percolation brewing is also known as pour over or drip coffee. Brewers on the market include Chemex, Kalita Wave and the Hario V60.
The percolation (drip) method allow the complexities of coffee to shine. Specialty coffees are great for those looking to advance their brew skills in effort to highlighting different flavors and aromas. 

If you’re a Percolation brewer, the next question is which type of filter to use and why.

Metal Filters provide a similar body to a cup produced by a French press. Removing only the larger grounds, but left with the sediment and oils. Metal filters can be used for years as long as they are kept clean. 
Cloth filters have been used for a very long time. Straining out suspended pieces of coffee, similar to a paper filter. Cloth is different than paper allowing some of the oils to come through. The resulting cup is very clean with a full mouthfeel. Difficult to keep clean and deteriorate over time, they aren’t the easiest to upkeep. 
Paper filters are the most commonly used. Removing any sediment as well as all the oils, they produce the cleanest cup of coffee. Unbleached brown filters can leave an unpleasant taste, especially if they haven’t been rinsed well before brewing. If you’re sensitive to flavor, better your chances of a delicious brew by using bleached white papers. 
Allowing you to learn as much as you’d like, coffee topics can be fun to expand on. Stay tuned to learn and layer more of your coffee skills!