Professional Coffee at Home

The coffee industry is just one industry that has been majorly impacted with COVID. With some coffee shops shifting to contact-free selling solutions, some have still been able to thrive. Many cafes have turned to carry-out only creative delivery or curbside pickup. 

For those of us that love coffee, we either adapt to the new cafe guidelines or decide to invest in home brew equipment of our own. Some methods of brewing can be fairly simple and others are down right complex for your inner scientist to fully geek out. 

If you’ve thought about learning more about home brewing as just a hobby or to fuel your coffee passion, we have some recommendations for you to make that happen!

Coffee can be like baking a cake. The coffee to water ratio is essential to the end cup being beautifully balanced and enjoyable. With the popular brew to ratio ranging from 1:13 to 1:16, you’ll only get accuracy using a scale.

195-205 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot to extract coffee. With the convenience of having a thermometer on the kettle, you’ll hit that sweet spot every single time without guessing.

Grind fresh whole beans for the best tasting cup. Many of us are using stale coffee. Ground weeks, months, or maybe years ago leaving us with a dull and flavorless cup. A quality coffee grinder allows you to dial in the perfect cup and deliver the full potential of each coffee.

A beautiful masterpiece, the CHEMEX design has been around since 1941. Unaltered, it’s original design is still extremely popular today and rightfully so. Each detail of its sleek design and unique paper filter has a purpose. Delivering a smooth cup of coffee, it’s a traditional piece popular around the world.

Probably the most underrated method of brewing, it’s cheap, easy, and repeatable. Steeping coffee and water together helps to produce a more uniform extraction for a balanced taste. 

We hope these suggestions help guide you in your home brew journey and awaken your inner coffee nerd.

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