Ama Coffee Co. is a company built on the foundation of love and truth. We’ve combined our message of deep psychological truths with high quality coffee to provide the focus, clarity, and awareness you need to fuel your mission in life.

In life, every moment is an important moment. Which means every detail matters. Our specialty coffee has been ethically sourced, fair traded, and is organic. It’s small batch roasted which means each order is guaranteed to be fresh.

Our vision is to help you become more self aware, create a much more meaningful existence, and to infuse love in all that you do. While using the great taste of Ama Coffee as a symbol of truth, it becomes a mirror, in which you drink to see yourself.

Ama /Aw-Muh / Verb

The Latin root word “am” means love. So many languages have many words for "love" based on the Latin root word. Some examples are the Spanish word amor”, the Italian word amore”, and the French word amour”. "Amā" means love. 

The Jaguar   

The remarkable symbolism of the jaguar is very well respected, especially in Central and South American regions. Representing the gatekeeper to all that is unknown and acting as a catalyst to release our deepest fears; embracing change and all life’s multitudes of cycles. The jaguar embodies fearlessness, energy, passion, courage, strength, confidence, and focus. It moves without hesitation and is always adjusting and embracing change.