What grind do I choose when purchasing coffee?

Whole Bean- If you have access to a home grinder, buying whole beans and grinding right before brewing is ideal. This method will provide the freshest and best tasting coffee. For a balanced tasting cup, be sure to adjust the grind setting to fit your brew method.

Fine- A fine grind is most compatible for Moka Pots (Stovetop Espresso Maker) and Espresso machines.

Medium- A medium grind is ideal for Pour-over brewers and Drip coffee machines.

Coarse- A coarse grind is best used for a French Press and preparing home-made cold brew.

Can I make cold brew with Ama Coffee?

Yes, absolutely! Home-made cold brew is easy and has become very popular in the recent years for many reasons. Any of our coffees can be used to make cold brew.

(Read our blog, Cold Brew, an article that includes the benefits of drinking cold brew as well as a step by step guide on the brewing process.)

Do you offer K-cups?

No. Here at Ama Coffee Co. we hold the highest standards to ourselves and all that we offer. The short answer for not providing k-cups is that they have a negative impact on our health, the quality doesn't meet our standards, and their waste impacts our environment. 

(Read our blog, 5 Dangers of using K-CupsWe go into detail further explaining the implications of k-cups.)


Do you have regular coffee?

Yes. All of our coffee is natural, organic, and fair trade. There are no additives, preservatives, or "natural flavors" added. Any flavors that are present are natural.


Do you have decaf coffee?

Yes, Ama Decaf is available here.


What is a cup-profile (the flavors listed on the front of the bag?) 

Today, coffee is something complex and delicious to be appreciated. Most of us grew up avoiding the complexities of coffee without even knowing it. Purchasing over roasted coffee, adding milk, sugar or syrups covers the naturally delicious tasting notes that are natural. Listed on the front of each bag there are flavors listed such as cacao, citrus, vanilla and toffee. Through many tastings and trying coffees from different origins, your palate will develop and you'll begin to pick up on the notes that are naturally present in coffee. 

(Read our blog, Reading Specialty Coffee Labelswhere we go into detail about all the information provided on each coffee label.)