Why Ama Coffee?

Ama Coffee is the top 3% of coffee, worldwide!
A lifestyle coffee company that has been built on the highest quality ingredients, love and truth to fuel what you want to do on a daily basis. 
With so many coffees to choose from in stores, it can be difficult to decide on one. The truth is, 99% of coffee on store shelves has been there for weeks or months; it's almost guaranteed to be stale when you buy it. When you place your order with Ama Coffee, you know you're getting high quality product that has been roasted the same week, and delivered straight to your doorstep!
Ama Coffee is the highest quality of coffee available:
-Small Batch Roasted 2x per week
-Specialty Coffee (Scorning above 80 on a scale of 1-100)
-Sustainably Sourced
-Fair Trade
We love hearing from our customers.
"The best coffee I've had in years."
-Claude Jowers
"Everyone should wake up to something this good!"
-Jeff Westlake
"In every sip there is passion and purpose."
-Mayra Magallon
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